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Why do you choose a round neck for custom T-shirts? What style of cultural shirt should you choose? When customizing a cultural shirt, the most troublesome thing is that there are many Tee Shirt Design styles to choose from, although it is easier to find clothes that match your mind when there are more styles.

But the process of finding is always painful. Let me tell you what style of cultural shirt to choose for what occasion, and why it is best to choose a round neck for custom T-shirts.

The most annoying thing when customizing cultural shirts is that there are many styles to choose from. Although it is easier to find clothes that match your own mind with more styles, the process of finding is always painful. The editor will tell you what kind of clothes What style of cultural shirt to choose for the occasion.

To customize T-shirts for cultural T-shirt Design , you must first look at the season. In spring, autumn and southern winter, we recommend thin sweaters. If you want to make thin sweaters as a coat, you can choose a pull-up sweater. If you feel that the hat is heavy, you can choose a round-neck sweater. The cool thing is that you can only choose to wear a hood. In winter in the north, thick sweaters are naturally recommended to keep warm.

Then it’s summer. In summer, there are various styles of T-shirts and polo shirts. It’s a headache to look at. In fact, we start from the scene where clothes are needed, think about the required performance, and then compare the advantages and disadvantages of clothes to make a better judgment. .

For example, if it is a lot of exercise, or for outdoor work in summer, you can choose the quick-drying model, and if you like smoothness and neatness, you can choose high-count cotton, and if you want more colors and high cost performance, you can choose combed cotton and Tianzhu. cotton. The style of Polo can be selected according to what kind of neckline style you like.

Careful friends will find that these T-shirt Screen Printing are custom made with round necks. In fact, the T-shirt styles on e-commerce platforms not only have round necks, but also v-necks, but in fact, v-necks are not suitable for corporate cultural shirts. It is a bit sporty. In addition to the polo shirt, the v-neck looks more sexy, and it is not a T-shirt that is suitable for everyone. In summer, unless you wear it with an inner layer, it is easy to wear out, and it is not suitable for normal work.

So in fact, choosing T-shirt customization is to choose the style of cultural shirt that suits you better, starting from the season, event scene, corporate culture, and reality.

As for whether the printing will fall off, whether it will pilling in the later stage and whether it is easy to wrinkle, the T-shirt development team specially selected imported materials, machines and high-demand standards to prevent these problems to the greatest extent.

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