T-shirt Customization T-shirt Design Your Own Shirt 

Group T-shirt Customization , whether it is a business, a group, or even a school class, are increasingly beginning to contact group T-shirt customization.

The group clothing itself is to unify the group image and show the collective style, and the customized group T-shirt can print the group’s characteristic pattern and text on the T-shirt, which can better show the group’s characteristic culture. So how to customize T-shirts for corporate groups?

The most basic part of the group T-shirt customization process is the choice of the bottom shirt. The choice of the bottom shirt should be based on the scene of use, budget and material requirements. T-shirts are generally used in relatively casual occasions and are more comfortable to wear, while POLO shirts are relatively formal.

Siteng will have professional customized consultants. After choosing the corresponding bottom shirt, you can ask the consultant for the price. If you are undecided about the choice of the bottom T-shirt Design, you can also ask the advice of a consultant. The consultant will give a customized plan and price through the bottom shirt, printing, etc.

Group T-shirt design can confirm the production artwork after there is no objection in the previous steps. If you are not assured, you can also ask the merchant to proof.

The next step is to confirm the order. After confirming the color, size, logo position and other related issues of the clothes, the merchant can start production. What we can do next is to wait for the arrival of customized group T-shirt Design Your Own Shirt with peace of mind.

Long T-shirts are a must-have item in autumn. The versatile and fashionable features make them the favorite of many celebrity fashion bloggers. Today, Brother Hu will take you to learn from the experience, as long as you learn how to match all kinds of long-sleeved T-shirts , I believe you can also become beautiful in autumn.

What are the styles of long-sleeved T-shirts? Long-sleeved T-shirts are also useful in the fall when shirts and sweaters are contracted. A simple and comfortable long-sleeved T-shirt can create endless possibilities as long as you mix it carefully! There are thousands of good-looking T-shirts, and the following are the best combinations! This is what you should wear in autumn!

Black is also the easiest to wear in a solid color T-shirt. If the ladies feel that the pure black style is too monotonous, you can choose some items with small designs. Like Xu Lu, choose a pure T cut, and the collar will become very Fashion, not only can elongate the neck curve, but also improve the overall temperament, with a pair of wide-leg pants, full of personality!

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