T-shirt Customization Printing Design

Reason for customization: I am used to seeing several brand T-shirts Customization with high appearance rate. I always feel that either the color and style are not eye-catching and the design is not to my liking, or it has been popular for a long time and can be seen everywhere on the street.

Can’t you just buy a T-shirt that’s different and totally in line with your heart? When I was at a loss, the idea of ​​”customization” seemed to suddenly wake me up: Can T-shirts also be customized? Well-fitting clothes + favorite patterns are not the same as your favorite clothes!

Reason for choice: American-style heavyweight T seems to be very popular this year, and I have bought a few before, but I have a medium stature, and the style with wide, dropped shoulders is not very suitable for me. The alternative stores seem to have T-shirt Printing. The regular style has a relatively simple style, and it is not like the cultural shirts sold by the street stalls. It looks low, which is quite attractive to me.

Then look at the fabric, workmanship, 50 counts of pure cotton, and the double-car wiring, it feels okay. The packaging is to roll up the T-shirt with thick envelope paper and tie it with paper rope, simple and delicate. Open the package, the style is basically the same as the store’s advertisement picture, the clothes are held in the hand, the 50-count pure cotton feels delicate and smooth, and it is very comfortable to touch.

I deliberately compared another T-shirt of a certain brand (also brand new and unwashed, with a similar price). Looking at the window, the shirt was almost opaque, while the other one could see light spots. In terms of details, the double-car line, the wiring is relatively uniform and neat, the pattern printing is still exquisite, and the color is relatively accurate, it should not be the kind of process that can be washed away. The style is simple and generous, and it is skin-friendly and breathable, and I am generally satisfied!

Disadvantages: I chose the L size, and after the upper body, I found that the length of the clothes is shorter than that of other brands. Refer to the size chart of the store. The length of T-shirt Customization Design the L size is 66CM, and the standard T-shirt size M should be 68CM, so The clothes feel a little too short.

Later, I communicated with the store and said that the length was determined by their family based on this version, and they did not intentionally shrink the materials. I explained to the store again that the upper body is indeed a bit short, which affects the wearing effect. The store is still relatively generous and said that if it really does not fit, they can still help me make a new one in XL size and send it over.

For the clothes custom design that have been customized, they are still willing to exchange them for me. The service is still commendable, so give me a thumbs up. Also remind the value friends who want to place an order, when purchasing, you can take one size up and pay attention to the size of the clothes.

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