T-shirt Customization Personalized T-shirts

Choose best T-shirts for all customized T-shirts. Bottom shirts of different materials can meet the needs of different groups of people. There are also a variety of printing processes for you to choose from. A greater degree of DIY is more suitable for group T-shirt Customization!

 The fundamental purpose of custom T-shirts is to be different from others. That being the case, DIYing a T-shirt yourself can also do the trick! It’s just that this hand-painted method of making T-shirts has a certain foundation for painting skills.

The selected T-shirt fabric is best made of cotton, linen or cotton, not a smooth surface, so that the paint will not adhere firmly. If it is a new T-shirt, it must be cleaned, because the new T-shirt has brushed pulp. The color will fade when it is washed again on the top. After washing, it will be ironed for later use.

Put the T-shirt design on the drawing board. Friends who do not have a drawing board can use a smooth and hard board or cardboard instead. The purpose of using the drawing board is to facilitate drawing. At the same time, a piece of paper can be placed between the board and the T-shirt to prevent pigment printing. Come and dye the drawing board. After putting on the Personalized T-shirts, fix the surface with a small clip on the side to prevent the T-shirt from moving during painting. When everything is ready, you can start painting.

Use a relatively soft pencil (3B-5B) to lightly draw the pattern you want to draw on the T-shirt. It must not be too forceful, as it will leave traces and affect the effect. Friends who have a certain drawing foundation can also directly without cutting grass. For coloring, it is recommended to make a sketch, you can first see if the effect is good and modify it in time.

Find a small plate or flat plate as a palette, choose the pigment, pick out a certain amount of pigment with a pen and put it on the palette, add toning oil and stir well, and then evenly apply it to the appropriate position, if it is not uniform, you can Repeat again until even. Because the paint dries very quickly, you need to take it in an appropriate amount. If you dry it out, it will be wasted. Try not to adjust the paint with water, otherwise the color will not fall off firmly, so you need to use a special adjusting oil.

After the colors are all applied, take out the paper on the drawing board in time to prevent sticking. The T-shirt should be dried in the shade and not exposed to the sun. You can also use a hair dryer to dry it (with cold air). After drying, lay the Custom T-shirt flat and put a cushion on it.

A piece of cloth (not dry when it is not dry, and do not use the kind of cloth with fur, the fur will stick to the surface of the pattern) is pressed with an electric iron to make the paint adhere more firmly.

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