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What should I pay attention to when customizing T-shirts? How to customize T-shirts without being pitted! Today’s large and small enterprises and shops in all walks of life, in order to enhance the overall image, most of them are willing to customize work clothes to unify their employees.

And when holding various events such as festivals or annual meetings, they are also willing to unify advertising Custom Long Sleeve Shirts to expand the advertising effect of the event and increase the atmosphere of the event.

Even sometimes, friends want to give their friends a special customized T-shirt gift for their birthday, or couples want to customize a unique couple’s outfit, good buddies and sisters in the dormitory want to customize everyone’s uniform and interesting dormitory clothes, girlfriends clothes, and student sports. Customize imposing class uniforms and more.

So when the needs are different, how should you choose the clothes that suit your needs and customize the T-shirt Customization? It depends on the specific usage. Long-term wear: Choose clothes with a price of around 35-65. Generally speaking, the quality of this price stage is relatively decent. If you are lucky, you can also buy T-shirts with quality comparable to brand stores in case of very thin profit pressure.

Occasionally wear it: choose a custom T-shirt design with a price of around 35-65. Although it is not worn often, it will be worn once in a while, so it must be of slightly more reliable quality. This kind of problem can’t go out at all, it will be very uncomfortable.

I only wear it for a few days during the May Day event. After the event is over, I will never wear it again. So don’t look at anything in this scene. The main thing is to look at the price. After all, the funds invested in the event can be saved. God, as long as it doesn’t rot these days.

This situation is very simple. Just send the quantity you need and the content you need to print to various merchants, and wait for the quotations from various merchants. Then, among the cheapest two or three, choose the most cost-effective one at the same price. One, you can place an order. How to choose the most cost-effective one, please refer to the following.

What should I pay attention to when Custom T-shirts? How to customize T-shirts without being pitted! First of all, local tyrants, please go out and turn right, because you don’t need to read this article, just buy the most expensive and the most expensive, it is simple and easy, the most expensive is not necessarily the best, but it must be no worse.

If you choose a custom T-shirt, it is best to find a real manufacturer. However, not all manufacturers are willing to open Taobao. Manufacturers are pursuing a large enough order quantity. There is no chance of cooperation.

In fact, the easiest way to choose the printing part is the same as the clothes: look at the sample clothes! No matter how powerful the merchants say, we have to see the real thing before we speak.

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