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When a simple Screen Prints For Shirts has cultural propaganda as a cultural shirt, it is not only a T-shirt that can print any pattern on the clothes, but let’s express our deeper understanding through this T-shirt The layers want to express the culture too.

But there are still many T-shirt custom printing patterns that break through our normal stereotyped perception of it. Whether a T-shirt is printed with colorful patterns or simply embroidered numbers, this T-shirt is a meaningful T-shirt. .

However, printing the pattern on the T-Shirt is indeed very particular, not a simple treatment of printing patterns and a few words. The pattern on the body, especially the front chest, will have an impact on the wearer’s body shape. A good pattern letter can make the chest look strong and plump, while a bad design only emphasizes the printing itself, and does not consider its force on the wearer. Let’s take a look at what patterns look good on tshirts~

Custom Made Shirts Near Me large-scale printing patterns, which are very individual and influential, but the wearer may also become a wall because of wearing it. For itself, the right size pattern is the right pattern.

This type of horizontal letters printed on the chest can make thin men appear slightly burly. At the same time, it will also make fat people look fatter and make small people look shorter. Therefore, when choosing a pattern, do not choose a large rectangular pattern, whether horizontal or vertical.

A good pattern or letter arrangement is an inverted trapezoid and an inverted triangle, which can create the look and feel of broad shoulders and a thin waist. Smaller patterns or letters, the length does not occupy the full width of the chest. If the picture is small, the influence will be small, and the figure is not too picky.

And some small logo Shirts Custom only have the logo printed or embroidered on the left chest, and its wearing effect is almost a solid color shirt. Unlike solid-colored shirts, the logo is a small brand with a big influence. For example, the famous Kawakubo Rei peach logo.

Customized T-shirts printed with brand names. Such T-shirts are generally called brand cultural shirts. T-shirts printed with brand patterns can also help the brand to promote the brand. Friends who want to try advertising can try this method~ Also get a comfortable T-shirt as a daily wear~

When a printed T-shirt is custom-made as an inner layer, the effect is not the same as when it is worn as an outer layer. It exists between the plackets of your jacket like a normal pattern, and a large graphic printed T-shirt will be more expressive. Due to the covering of the coat, it does not affect the size of the wearer. Especially worn under a suit jacket, the conflict between the two styles makes the matching effect more lively and interesting, more youthful and energetic.

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