Personalized T-shirt Customization Polo Shirt Design

Tailored t-shirts are the simplest and most versatile piece of clothing in everyday life and can be easily paired with a pair of jeans or slacks. So how do you design a T-shirt? What are the steps and precautions?

First of all, it is necessary to locate the seasonality of the designed Personalized T-shirt. According to the season, T-shirt customization is usually divided into sleeveless, half-sleeve, three-quarter sleeve, eighth-quarter sleeve, nine-point sleeve and long-sleeve.

Next, define the silhouette of the bodice. From the perspective of shoulder type and sleeve type, T-shirts are generally divided into normal sleeves and off-shoulder sleeves. From the perspective of waist type, T-shirts are divided into waist-length and loose-fitting.

After the customized T-shirt style is basically determined, the selection of fabrics is required. Usually T-shirts need to choose knitted fabrics with more cotton content, and more cotton feel is more comfortable to wear. There are also different choices of most fabrics for the waist and loose models. The waist model needs to choose knitted fabrics with greater elasticity to avoid discomfort. Most of the loose models choose knitted fabrics with little or no stretch. When the stretch is too large, the shape of the clothes will be unsightly.

After the shape of the clothes T-shirt Customization is finalized, the production of the craftsmanship must be considered, which is also the finishing touch. The craft inspiration of T-shirt customization is often to work hard on colors and patterns, and collect some letters or patterns with a sense of design to split or reorganize. The common crafts are printing, embroidery, beading, hot drilling, texture and so on.

Here is an example of printing and embroidery commonly used in custom T-shirt design . Printing is divided into watermarking, offset printing, flocking, digital, color inkjet and so on. Different printing processes present different pattern effects, which requires the most appropriate selection according to the effect that the selected pattern wants to present.

Good-looking Polo Shirt Design custom embroidery is divided into thread embroidery, sequin embroidery, appliqué embroidery, towel embroidery and so on. It also needs to be selected according to the selected pattern. Communicate with the embroidery factory about specific matters such as size, embroidery color, etc. in order to present the best embroidery pattern.

After the custom design of the T-shirt confirms the craft pattern and craft method, cut out the pieces of the craft to be done. After the pieces have been printed or embroidered, check whether they are the desired craftsmanship. The craft effect reaches the desired standard, and the craft piece is combined with other pieces to make the finished product.

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