How To Get Customized T-shirts

The weather is getting hotter, there are not a few versatile white T-shirts in the closet, I am afraid I can’t sleep well. As the most frequently worn clothing in summer and autumn, Customized T-shirts must be a must-have item for you. Whether it’s worn with a sweater or alone, it’s a good choice.

At present, most brands in the domestic market have their own T-shirt products, and most of the price ranges are in the range of 19 yuan to 69 yuan. So how to choose a single product T-shirt that suits you best for summer? This time, let me reveal the secret through several T-shirt products of current Internet celebrity brands, and at the same time, it can also provide a useful reference for everyone when choosing Customized T-shirts.

Custom Long Sleeve T-shirt

Basic common sense of Custom Long Sleeve T-shirt. Before, Xiaohou brought you the introduction of ten common fabrics of Uniqlo, which provided a very good reference for everyone when purchasing. However, since most of the T-shirt products are made of cotton materials, the material cannot be looked at separately when purchasing, and its textile process and tailoring process need to be comprehensively considered. Therefore, here is a brief introduction to several small concepts of textile products for understanding the comparison later.

Custom Long Sleeve T-shirt

Cotton can be divided into 3 categories according to its fiber length Custom Long Sleeve T-shirt: long-staple cotton (sea island cotton), fine-staple cotton (upland cotton), and coarse-staple cotton (Asian cotton). Most of the textiles in daily life are made of upland cotton and Asian cotton. Xinjiang is a large cotton producing province, so most of the products that come into contact with are the products of these two kinds of cotton.

In a word, the ancestor of PIMA cotton that appears in large quantities on the market is also Sea Island cotton, which was first planted by American Indians. At present, the SUPIMA cotton of Uniqlo is actually super long-staple PIMA cotton with quality certification.

Custom Long Sleeve T-shirt

At present, a large number of products that can be seen using PIMA cotton are considered as Uniqlo. For the types of Uniqlo fabrics, please refer to my article for introduction.

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