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High Quality T-shirt Printing are a must-have for everyone in summer, they are colorful, patterned and versatile with any style of trousers and skirts. Especially in the scorching hot summer, High Quality T-shirt Printing appear in various social occasions with their natural, comfortable, chic and diverse characteristics. Recently, people from all walks of life supported the college entrance examination students and printed positive energy words on their High Quality T-shirt Printing, which was very heartwarming.

So don’t you wonder how the patterns on the High Quality T-shirt Printing are printed? Next, I will introduce to you the production method and process of T-shirt printing.

High Quality T-shirt Printing

First of all, how did the T-shirt get its name? A T-shirt is also called a T-shirt because it takes on the shape of the letter T when unfolded flat. There is another interesting saying about the origin of the name of the T-shirt. The workers who unloaded tea in the American docks in the 17th century wore this kind of short-sleeved shirt. People abbreviate “Tea” (tea) as “T”. The shirt is called T-Shirt, that is, a T-shirt.

High Quality T-shirt Printing

What paint is used to make the pattern on the T-shirt? Textile pigments are pigments specially used for dyeing textiles. Most of them are made from natural plant extracts, and some also contain chemical extracts such as tar and coal. So textile pigments are actually divided into two types, one is natural pigments and the other is synthetic. Most of the common pigments on the market are synthetic pigments.

So how did you get the pattern printed on the T-shirt? Next, let me introduce to you the current printing methods. There are two printing techniques for High Quality T-shirt Printing: screen printing and thermal transfer printing.

High Quality T-shirt Printing

Screen printing is the most widely used printing method in T-shirt printing. Its main principle is to use the screen as the printing plate base, through the photosensitive plate making method (that is, after brushing the photosensitive adhesive on the screen, attach a picture for exposure and washing), make a screen printing plate with pictures and texts, After that, the T-shirt is placed under the screen for paint printing, one version for each color, and multi-color printing is carried out. This printing method can also be printed on paper.

Next is thermal transfer printing. Thermal transfer printing technology is a new printing technology in recent years. Its principle is to first print the pattern on the paper with paint, and then print the pattern on the T-shirt fabric through high temperature and high pressure.

High Quality T-shirt Printing

Compared with screen printing, this printing method has simple transfer printing steps and can be completed at one time, and the color is more realistic, but the cost and price are relatively higher, because each piece of clothing needs a piece of paper, and screen printing silk The net can be used multiple times.

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