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In many scenarios, Custom T Shirts Near Me are used, such as company team building, old school reunions, family outings, etc. At this time, a question is often encountered, which fabric is suitable for custom T-shirts?

Pure cotton T-shirts are a common fabric for customized T-shirts. The advantages of pure cotton T-shirts are that they are comfortable to wear, feel good, and are pure natural fibers. Relatively speaking, they also have a certain effect on environmental protection, but too much If it is thin, it will penetrate, and if it is too thick, it will be sultry. Therefore, the most suitable weight is between 180-260 grams. However, pure cotton T-shirts are less rigid and easy to wrinkle, especially after entering the water, which is very easy to deform.

Polyester-cotton fabric, which is a mixed fabric of polyester and cotton, such a mixed fabric is not only not easy to deform, but also very wrinkle-resistant. The addition of polyester avoids some of the shortcomings of cotton.

Compared with pure cotton Custom T Shirts, the price is also cheaper, the hand feel is thicker, and it is not easy to be deformed by washing, but it is slightly less comfortable to wear than pure cotton, and it is not easy to absorb sweat and breath. Very stuffy, not a very recommended fabric for custom t-shirts.

The more common chemical fiber fabrics are polyester and nylon. First of all, the advantages of polyester fabrics are good color, strong wrinkle resistance and not easy to deform, but the air permeability and sweat absorption are as always poor, generally used in sports T.

Nylon is the best type of chemical fiber in terms of air permeability, but the air permeability is still not as good as that of cotton. The advantage is that it feels smooth and has a good sense of color.

Hemp fiber is also a natural fiber fabric, which is the main choice for Design Your Own Shirt this year. With the structure and biological properties of hemp fiber, it has its own antibacterial and antibacterial functions, and can also resist ultraviolet rays, and its hygroscopicity is 3 times that of cotton. The air permeability is 10 times that of cotton. It has a cool feeling when you wear it. The efficient perspiration and dual antibacterial of hemp can keep sweaty people away from the trouble of sweat and odor in summer.

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