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I don’t know if it was affected by 520 T shirt design. The weather has been extremely hot recently, so I quickly put on a short-sleeved T-shirt, and I can’t live up to this sunny and beautiful weather.

Although summer clothing styles are generally relatively simple and single, it is difficult to wear a different feeling. However, whether it is a natural clothes rack or an ordinary person with an average figure, as long as you choose the right Custom Made T-shirts for you, you can become a fashionista.

T-shirt customization, teach you how to incarnate street fashion trendsetter, not all T-shirts can be so beautiful. Regular fit T-shirt + simple print = clean fashion sense. Fashion does not necessarily require a lot of elements, but embroidery with red and white colors can create a simple and clean unique style.

A simple and clean white T-shirts Printing goes well with jeans or multi-colored beach shorts. The heat transfer process can present better patterns with thinner lines and more attention to detail, and the printing pattern focusing on large outlines avoids the impact of complete large-scale printing on the breathability of clothes.

The effect of heat transfer on the air permeability of clothes mentioned here refers to the fact that due to the characteristics of the heat transfer process itself, there will be a layer of glue covering the clothes. A small pattern has no effect, but if the pattern is too large, the area covered by the glue layer will also be large, and the air permeability of the clothes will be poor.

Screen printing is almost a panacea in the printing process, and it can generally achieve a good effect on the completion of the pattern design. The loose version and the atmospheric text are already comparable to trendy clothing. Clothes like this look great in a simple way.

Customized T-shirts can do many special effects to meet people’s pursuit of individuality and style. The pursuit of corporate custom cultural shirts is naturally not the personal style, but the corporate culture and style. The corporate T-shirts Printing Design Maker does not have to be rigid, it can also be fashionable and individual.

T-shirt customization provides a variety of T-shirts, POLO shirts, sweaters, jackets customization services, select cotton raw materials, high-quality polyester fabrics, and strive to achieve the best quality of each clothing. Dozens of printing processes can be used to perfectly show your needs.

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