Cotton Clothes Personalized T-shirt Design

Summer is here, and when it’s time to stock up on all kinds of T-shirts, all kinds of questions and answers about T-shirts on Zhihu have also popped up. If you want to buy a good T-shirt, you must first know which parts of a T-shirt are made up and what role they serve.

Fabric is the soul and foundation of Clothes Personalized, and the decisive factor for wearing comfort is mainly determined by it, and it is also the most important factor. T-shirt craftsmanship can be understood as the process of sewing various parts together. The craftsmanship plays an extremely important role in the quality of a T, which directly determines how long you can wear it.

The Personalized T-shirt version is a metaphysical thing. Generally, it can be roughly divided into tight, self-cultivation, normal, loose, and OVERIZE. In fact, oversize is also a loose type, but in fact, the version of each brand is not exactly the same.

Printing T-shirt Design – the same pattern, there will be different printing processes, and the final effect and wearing experience are also different. Accessories – generally refers to hang tags, wash labels, etc., but many T-shirts now also have drawstrings, cloth stickers and other decorations, including our common threaded necklines, hem, or threaded cuffs. In fact, they also need to be purchased separately. Strictly speaking, it also belongs to the category of excipients.

This article of T shirt Customization online will focus on the four main factors of fabric, craftsmanship, version, and printing to explain in detail how a good T-shirt is selected. The essence of fabric is the combination of fibers, and there are addition and subtraction processes such as washing, sanding, and aging on top of the fibers.

Ordinary people are basically exposed to these categories in summer – cotton T-shirts, sports quick-drying T-shirts, slightly textured cotton and linen T-shirts, and various T-shirts made of so-called modal and ice silk.

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