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How To Get Customized T-shirts

The weather is getting hotter, there are not a few versatile white T-shirts in the closet, I am afraid I can’t sleep well. As the most frequently worn clothing in summer and autumn, Customized T-shirts must be a must-have item for you. Whether it’s worn with a sweater or alone, it’s a good choice. At present, most brands in the …

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How T-shirt Printing

However, the post-maintenance of consumer-grade products is doubtful, especially on dark fabrics that need to be sprayed with white ink as a primer, and the white ink is easy to block, and the consequence is that the printing will be broken or unevenly colored. Therefore, the maintenance of this type of printing equipment requires a lot of energy, and the …

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Custom T-shirt Pattern

As visual content creators, you will more or less smile at certain T-shirts of certain brands that you see online and offline, “Hehe, what the hell is this?! I’ll make something better than this. ”, and then fell into various cycles of “T-shirt style-fabric-printing”. Recalling the first impression of T-shirt customization – “Why don’t you stick the pattern on the …

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